Estimation180 colourful art blocks

This morning on my way to work I had the perfect opportunity to listen to a brand new podcast about education. “So what?” I can hear you say. There are so many education podcasts in the market these days – and yes, I am wary of some of them too. However, this one is different. This one is Andrew Stadel, math guru, talking about yep, maths. But in a cool,Read More →

Best AFL Football Books for Kids

March in Melbourne (and now around Australia) signifies the return of AFL football – a sport that unites or divides supporters, depending on how well your team is going. Kids enjoy being involved in the sport but more and more they are enjoying the literature that is now being produced. Here are 7 of the best AFL football books for kids that would be perfect in your classroom or atRead More →

Etsy is a fantastic resource for teachers. Each week we keep an eye out for those practical and crafty items that would serve teachers well. Here are five top Etsy resources for you. Personalised Teacher Stamp Personalised Teacher StampA best-selling item this stamp can be customised for your needs. Choose your ink colour and add the text (such as your name). Price: AU$15.95 Growth Mindset Classroom Printable Posters Growth MindsetRead More →