Sustainability: One Amazing ‘Off The Grid’ Tiny House in Australia

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The ideas and concepts of sustainability are now firmly embedded into the curriculum across Australian outcomes. These two videos showcase a tiny house in Australia where one couple, Paul and Annett have built themselves their own little sustainable castle.

They set out with a goal to create a house that uses rain water, solar electricity and even biogas.

Sustainability Tiny House Deck
The Deck
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The way that the couple harvest biogas using their own food waste is quite remarkable and would set a good example for students to begin their own investigations in how that works.

Paul and Annette live behind the idea of using and owning only what they need so the philosophy of minimalism can be tackled.

There is plenty here to talk about with students. Enjoy the videos.

More information about Paul and Annett can be found via their website:

More information about the video editor Bryce can be found via his page on Patreon.

Part One

Part Two

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