Sunday Chutney by Aaron Blabey

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Sunday Chutney Book CoverThis is a beautiful book to introduce your class to the themes of friendship, quirkiness and the desire to be valued.  

Australian author Aaron Blabey takes us on a journey with little Sunday, a girl who, thanks to her parents needs to move house, and sometimes move internationally.  Yes, Miss Chutney travels the world and is adept at noticing and appreciating the benefits of doing so.

Unfortunately, that leaves the other side of the coin to deal with – loneliness and frustration.


Sunday Chutney Activities

Activities and discussions from this book could include

  1. Comparing and contrasting her likes and dislikes.
  2. Mapping the places she has been (there is a picture at the front of the book with stickers all over her luggage).  This could be good as a technology activity.
  3. An investigation into some of Sunday’s interests.
  4. Designing a ‘Big Breakfast’ menu.

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