Sydney Royal Easter Show

From: Secondary school teachers are invited to a 4 hour training day to participate in interactive sessions full of practical activities to help you incorporate ‘paddock to plate’ and ‘field to fibre’ concepts into your pedagogy. NOTE: Due to popular demand, a second workshop date has been announced! (17th April SOLD OUT) Includes workshop, entry to the show + public transport PLUS a complimentary ticket to return to theRead More →

learning disabilities jo boaler

Time Magazine published an article by Jo Bolar and Tanya Lamar entitled A Better Way To Teach Students with Learning Disabilities on 29th February 2019. Below is a summary of how they contend that a mind shift is needed by teachers and schools so that students can move from a disability to a difference. This article appeared in Time Magazine and was published online at A Better Way to TeachRead More →

Coding In The Classroom From using Sphero, Makers Empire and now Botley (and a lot more in between), educators are understanding that allowing students to code has immense benefits. From design and creativity and cooperative learning and logical thinking, coding disguises itself well in a cloak of ‘fun’. Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.” Patrick McKenzieRead More →

autism fidget spinner

April is Autism Awareness Month April is Autism Awareness Month (April 2 is Autism Awareness Day) and the good folk at Autism Explained posted this video which gives an excellent overview. Please share and raise awareness and then consider joining their Facebook group for further resources and information. Additionally, National Autism Resources are able to provide excellent resources for teachers, parents and individuals who are managing autism. Based in America,Read More →

Sustainability Tiny House

The ideas and concepts of sustainability are now firmly embedded into the curriculum across Australian outcomes. These two videos showcase a tiny house in Australia where one couple, Paul and Annett have built themselves their own little sustainable castle. They set out with a goal to create a house that uses rain water, solar electricity and even biogas. The way that the couple harvest biogas using their own food wasteRead More →

Best AFL Football Books for Kids

March in Melbourne (and now around Australia) signifies the return of AFL football – a sport that unites or divides supporters, depending on how well your team is going. Kids enjoy being involved in the sport but more and more they are enjoying the literature that is now being produced. Here are 7 of the best AFL football books for kids that would be perfect in your classroom or atRead More →