Oliver and Patch by Claire Freedman

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Oliver and Patch is a highly recommended book to use in your classroom. This delightful story has a basic premise of a boy finding a lost dog but delves deep into themes of honesty, friendship and care for others.

Author Claire Freedman has weaved some deep themes in this book that would serve as a powerful catalyst to worthwhile discussions within classrooms. When Oliver finds Patch, a lost dog, questions of honesty and doing the right thing (even when it is hard) can be explored.

Likewise, the establishment of friendship and the tag line at the end (you’ll have to read for yourself) is a perfect sentiment for looking at things from a different perspective. Something that we all need to bear in mind when things don’t quite go our way and we need to deal with disappointment.

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Oliver and Patch: Lesson Ideas & Links

Here are five quick lesson ideas for your students that you could develop once you have read this book.

Students can create their own ‘Found’ poster.
  1. Create a ‘Found’ poster. A good lesson in communication.
  2. Compare and contrast two ‘street scenes’ from the book. Both pictures have the same people in them. The first image appears at the beginning of the book (wet weather, grey etc) while the second appears at the end (sunshine, colourful).
  3. Write a letter or develop a speech convincing Oliver’s parents that he should be able to keep Patch. Have them present it to the class. What arguments would he use to convince his parents? Have your students been in a similar situation? What was the outcome?
  4. Act out the scene where Patch and his owner are reunited. Look for opportunities to teach social language cues.
  5. Teach philosophy. Build on the book’s theme of ‘doing the right thing’ and create scenarios for students to work through and discuss.
  6. Bonus: Have a discussion and / or draw a favourite activity that students’ like doing with their friends.

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