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Fewer things better. That’s what I needed.

A number of years ago I went through a period where I was saying ‘yes’ to everything. My schedule was packed. I was on the leadership team at my school. I was President of the parent council at my children’s school. The demands of my young family and a recent medical diagnosis that required around the clock care also impacted life. And it was packed with things that I thought were important. As you can imagine stress was at an all-time high, and time management skills were pretty low. My family were suffering, my work was suffering and I was struggling each day to maintain a real sense of accomplishment.

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Fewer Things Better

It was around that time that I came across Angela Watson, an educator and a consultant whose talent lies in providing practical materials to help teachers make the most of their time – and have the right mindset at home and at school. Her course The 40 Hour Workweek help me steady the ship and bring some much-needed direction to my career and life; fewer things better. Some of the books on this list were invaluable in getting back to basics.

So I was excited to receive an email from Angela last week announcing that she’s written a new book Fewer Things, Better: The Courage To Do Focus On What Matters Most and that it will be released on April 10th.

Angela wrote to say that Fewer Things, Better is a book about a teacher’s workload and work life balance….and the things I’ve learned through the club about the traits and habits which are required for teachers to create change.

Fewer Things Better will help you challenge the correlation between hours worked and effectiveness. It’s not about how much you’re working; it’s what you’re focusing on.

As you read, you’ll gain clarity on what’s most important in every aspect of your life and work so you can allocate time to your biggest priorities. You’ll deepen the courage it takes to live with intentionality, so you can do more of what you love and let go of habits and expectations which aren’t serving you well.

It was these traits and habits that I needed to create change. I’m glad that there is a book that specifically deals with these. Teachers are creatures of habit, and the strength required to change them, even if it means improvement in an area, is often immense.

Special Offer For Pre-Purchases of Fewer Things Better

To celebrate Angela is offering those that pre-purchase the book
a free course and workbook.

To take advantage of the free course, you will need to pre-order the book on Amazon in either print or Kindle format.

After you have pre-paid and have an order number from Amazon (eg. D0x-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx) you will need to fill out the form at the book’s website FewerThingsBetter.com to claim the free bonuses.

The order number is needed when processing the course signup, so make sure you have copied it from Amazon. The process is straightforward. An email will be sent to your nominated address and then once confirmed, you will have access to the course. The whole offer is very generous from Angela.

Once enrolled, you can start the course immediately or read through it while you wait for the book to arrive.

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to be quick as the book launches next week (April 10).

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