ClassHook: Teach Great Lessons Using Video with Outcomes and Learning Intentions

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What is Classhook?

Classhook is a video service that provides clips from popular shows and movies to help teachers convey targeted outcomes and learning intentions. Manually wading through Youtube or Teacher Tube looking for a certain moment in a TV show or for a specific can be a time-consuming process. Classhook has aimed to meet the needs of teachers by allowing users to search popular videos by subject and topic that relate to their students.

Why Use Classhook in the Classroom?

  • It’s Free! (There is a premium version for those wishing to subscribe)
  • The videos used are sourced from Youtube and are taken from popular tv shows and movies thereby providing instant engagements and relatability.
  • One place to find targeted results without having to swift through entire TV shows or movies looking for that ‘one part’.
  • As you are using it for educational, and not profit, there is no issue with copyright.
  • There is a ‘language’ filter called /profanity skipping/. Introduced back in February 2018 now simply skips over parts of the videos that contain any profanity.
  • You can target specific outcomes and learning intentions for a lesson.

Students welcome videos as a relief from the traditional way that most teachers go about their lessons. With targeted, relevant videos teachers are able to engage even the fussiest of learners and inject another voice into the classroom – and with ClassHook that means one that they are familiar with; their favourite actors and actresses. These videos can be given at any stage during the lessons – as a topic introduction, as a side tool of the lesson’s concept or even at the end, seeing if students can pick up with outcomes of the lesson’s intentions.

Don’t be afraid to implement technology in the classroom. Tools like Classhook help to make it easy and relevant for your students.

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Features of Classhook

The basic and free model includes

  • Access to the full library of clips
  • Create and share playlists
  • Bookmark clips for quick access
  • Write comments on clips
  • Submit clips to share them with the community
  • Pause prompts (up to 5)

The Premium features which cost US$40 for a year (with a 30 day trial) include:

  • Standards Browser and Filter – target specific outcomes
  • Decade Filter – Filter through specific years and decades to help make more direct finds
  • Unlimited Pause Prompts – use this feature to allow time for discussion and reflection on the video
  • Playlist Collaboration – work with others to build playlists
  • Playlist Search – search through your playlists
  • Improved Subtitles
  • Priority Clip Requests – ask for your specific clips to added to the service

The ClassHook Page

The user page of ClassHook is effectively set out for teachers to help them navigate the lesson. The left side of the page is the toolset to add to playlists and create pause prompts. The right-hand side gives an overview of the videos and sets the context. Discussion questions can be added, while the standards that the video targets are also supplied, with the option for educators to add more. A nice feature is the comment box prompting users to discuss the clip’s use in their class.

ClassHook Demo

ClassHook’s Youtube channel have posted a terrific overview and demo of what the service offers teachers and the user experience as they navigate the site.

Final Thoughts

When using Classhook remember to check out your school’s access policy to Youtube. As the videos are sourced from there, you may not be able to access them through your school’s network. Talk to your IT support crew to see if there is a workaround. It will be worth it.

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