Botley The Fun Little Robot That Allows You To Code Without A Screen

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Coding In The Classroom

From using Sphero, Makers Empire and now Botley (and a lot more in between), educators are understanding that allowing students to code has immense benefits. From design and creativity and cooperative learning and logical thinking, coding disguises itself well in a cloak of ‘fun’.

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.”

Patrick McKenzie

Learning Resources poses five reasons why coding is important to students:

  • Coding is another language
  • Coding fosters creativity
  • Coding helps students with Math skills
  • Coding improves writing academic performance
  • Coding helps students become confident problem solvers.

I encourage you to read about each of these ideas in the Learning Resources blog post –

Posing problems to students and having them solve them takes on real meaning when there is a hands-on element that allows for multiple ways of thinking and solving the same problem.

Giving time to students to solve these problems is essential, and with Botley this becomes a meaningful and engaging process.

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Enter Botley; the Screen Free Coding Robot

Below is a quick 1-minute introduction below.

Fundamentally, all coding robots work the same. Some inputs and blocks direct the movement or actions and the robot works the outcomes.

Botley with the remote programmer

Botley operates on the same principles but is one of the few that does not use a screen or app. And this has advantages. There are no additional devices is needed. There is no access to set up and create a student account, and finally, there is no need for a network. It works simply with a remote programmer. (See insert picture)

This robot is a reliable stand alone product that would work well in a junior classroom.

Botley’s Features and 21st Century Learning

Botley comes out of the box with 77 pieces.

Everything you need to make a meaningful experience is included and you can be up and coding in minutes. Children as young as five can use this, but as their skills and confidence grow do the challenges. For example, students will have their understanding extended as they come up with more complex obstacle courses.

The 77-piece activity includes

  • The remote programmer
  • Detachable robot arms
  • 40 coding cards
  • 6 double-sided tiles
  • 27 obstacle building pieces
  • A starter guide with coding challenges
Botley 77 piece activity kit
The 77 piece activity kit

In a time where classrooms are embracing 21st century skills such as creativity and thinking, this little robot proves that it is a valuable asset for educators looking for ways to embed these priorities.

Examples of Botley in the Classroom

Further Resources

Learning Resources have plenty of resources and lesson plans on their blogs. As shown, Twitter can also be a great way to connect with other educators who use Botley.

Bonus Botley Activities at Home – Learning Resources Blog

Botley Lesson Plan – Learning Resources Blog

Purchase Botley

Botley can now be purchased fairly cheaply on Amazon as well as via the Learning Resources website.

My post “5 Accessories For Botley The Coding Robot” will also assist you in purchasing. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, Innovative Toy of The Year Award Winner: Toys & Games

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