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This morning on my way to work I had the perfect opportunity to listen to a brand new podcast about education.

“So what?” I can hear you say.

There are so many education podcasts in the market these days – and yes, I am wary of some of them too. However, this one is different. This one is Andrew Stadel, math guru, talking about yep, maths. But in a cool, guru type way.

For those of you who don’t know, Andrew runs a website called Estimation180, a website that exists to help teachers bring ‘number sense’ conversations into the classroom.

It’s great to see he is now branching out into podcasting, and allowing us to hear from his own expertise (and mistakes; see Episode 1 for context) and the expertise of others. Future episodes will include the insights of other educators.

Estimation180 Podcast cover

The Estimation180 Podcast

I enjoyed hearing Andrew’s candour about the errors he has made and how that has shaped him to consider the strategies and processes he can have with students to get them thinking. Episode One presents two strategies that are immediately practical and easily implemented into your learning setting; Mirroring Questions and Curiosity Exchanges.

Even though only one episode of Estimation180 is currently available, it already lays out the direction of where this series of ‘casts is heading; in the direction of putting practical tools and strategies into the hands of teachers, no matter what age or stage their students are.

Future episodes are entitled: How to Maximise the Use of Visuals in Maths and How the Range Can Be The Heart of Estimating

I would encourage you to head over to the Estimation180 podcast page (and open a new link to explore the website if you haven’t already), subscribe in your chosen service (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play) and enjoy a down to earth, enjoyable, helpful and practical strategy session on how you can bring Mathematics alive in your classroom.

PS: Listen out for the ‘break’ midway through the podcast; super different and super cute.

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