The Best Book List is a curated list of books that will be helpful for teachers and students in their classroom. Here’s the edition for May 2019. You can get regular recommendations by following me on Twitter or Facebook. Other posts you may enjoy: 7 Best AFL Football Books for Kids Oliver and Patch by Claire Freedman Teaching in Your First Years – 9 Practical Books To Help the GraduateRead More →

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Apple has announced its Apple Music service is now supporting Amazon’s Echo speakers. With more than 50 million songs available on the service this is good news for those who have opted to purchase cheaper Amazon devices such as the Echo or the Home rather than the pricier Apple HomePod speaker. The process to link the two services together is relatively straight forward and if you have linked previous services,Read More →

Alpacas with Maracas cover

Each year in Australia a picture book is chosen for a mass ‘read in’ otherwise known as the National Simultaneous Storytime, where at 11am on this day up to 1 million children are reading the same book at the same time. This year the Australian Library and Information Association has chosen Alpacas With Maracas. Alpacas With Maracas is the book chosen by for 2019. Written by Matt Cosgrove the storyRead More →

If you are looking to connect to other classrooms and teachers, from around the world, then this resource might be very helpful. Edublogs update their list of classroom blogs every six months or so. The update for May 2019 is now current. This is will prove to be a valuable resource for EdTech teachers. Entries can be filtered to include things such as Year Levels, Countries, Twitter handles, and whetherRead More →

Estimation180 colourful art blocks

This morning on my way to work I had the perfect opportunity to listen to a brand new podcast about education. “So what?” I can hear you say. There are so many education podcasts in the market these days – and yes, I am wary of some of them too. However, this one is different. This one is Andrew Stadel, math guru, talking about yep, maths. But in a cool,Read More →

Professional Development for teachers is an important part of the career path. No person ever walks into a classroom knowing everything there is to know about the curriculum, the students or even the equipment that they are going to use. Teachers will often go to sessions about any of these areas. However, courses can be prohibitive either through cost or location. Fortunately, sites like Udemy can now be used toRead More →

I recently wrote a review of ClassHook, a site that allows educators t to target specific outcome and intentions using video clips from popular TV shows and movies. In a way to keep improving their service, ClassHook has just introduced a feature called ‘Personal Clips’. Introducing Personal Clips by ClassHook Personal Clips allow you to collate videos from all over the internet rather than just from the ClassHook repository. ThisRead More →

learning disabilities jo boaler

Time Magazine published an article by Jo Bolar and Tanya Lamar entitled A Better Way To Teach Students with Learning Disabilities on 29th February 2019. Below is a summary of how they contend that a mind shift is needed by teachers and schools so that students can move from a disability to a difference. This article appeared in Time Magazine and was published online at A Better Way to TeachRead More →